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Brief History

Tag Systems Ltd was set up in April 1996 to develop and exploit the commercial rental opportunities for products developed by Technical Product Designs Ltd owned by Dr Vaughan Kitchin. The first product range, known asTagGuard,**later renamed TagAlarm was developed to provide much improved and more cost-effective security for construction companies, house builders and property managers. The second product, a GPS vehicle tracking system launched under the name Locator, was developed in 1999, for use with commercial fleets and construction plant. This was superseded by TagTrackin Jan 2008. A third product range, TagCam, introduced high speed wireless communications to permit remote access and monitoring of cameras that can operate without the need for fixed line telephones.

In 2000 Betaguard BV was established to provide a sales and marketing operation in Holland based on the use of equipment bought in from Tag Guard Limited utilising the rental business model that proved successful in the UK. BetaGuard BV was granted an exclusive distribution agreement for the Netherlands.

In December 2007 Tag Security Holdings was set up as a holding company to allow the merger of interests of the shareholders in both the UK and Netherlands companies. The perceived opportunities in continental Europe provided the background for the merger so that all the interested parties could commit to expansion with a complete alignment of interests.



The company established from TPD (Technical Product Designs) Ltd a private company owned and run by Dr V Kitchin. The designs and prototype were developed for a demonstration to Tarmac Construction Ltd


Contract received from Tarmac for 200 systems to be delivered over a 2 year period – Value £250,000


Tag Guard Ltd formed with Richard Lang to perform a buy back of the Tarmac equipment, and begin the rental business. RL having rental experience from previous positions, complimentary skills to VK


Dutch business started with in law (Rutger Tan) and associate Martin Berends.


Smart award won for developing Wireless 3G video communications techniques.


Merlin House purchased, and moved to new location; Merlin House


Smart award won for developing Wireless 4G video communications techniques.


Partnered with SmartGuard in Denmark to develop the service into Scandinavia.


Installed the Control Centre and associated required support to NACOS Gold standard, 65KW industrial generator etc.


Merged Dutch and UK businesses to for Tag Security Holding to bring the objectives in line, giving better presentation capability, and European strength.


TSH group topped £6M T/O; EBIDA £1.4M


Established German office


Economic down turn bit and redundancy plan formulated.


Germany office closed due to poor figures and RT removed.


RL retired, Ops director removed, VK – MD


Accounts office moves to Merlin, Horndean closed.


New Ops Manager, re-organise internal structure for future merger or sell.





Group figures highlights

£6M t/o
EBITDA of £1.4m
stockholding: depreciated to £5M